About Us

While getting this country’s two political parties to agree on something would be as unusual as catching a gefilte fish that’s balancing a carrot on its nose, there is one thing which both the Democrats and Republicans have in common: Sharing other people’s money. Another thing both parties agree on is throwing parties. And when it comes to their own parties they wouldn’t settle for any less than the absolute best.

That’s why, for well over a decade, both the Democrats and Republicans have used YUSSI’S to host their victory parties. Why? Because our food is better™, that‘s why.

Conveniently located in the heart of historic downtown Lakewood, YUSSI’S Deli offers such wide a range choices that you’ll wish you had cancelled all your afternoon appointments. Our 42 kinds of dips, 28 styles of herring, and 56 rolls of sushi assure that not only will there be something for you and the entire family but for the rest of the neighborhood as well. Of course, don’t forget about our deli, kugels, salads and so much more (and even more than that too…).

So whether it’s a business meeting in Pennsylvania, a family gathering in New York, vacation in Connecticut, or party in New Jersey… you want the establishment where the food truly is better. Okay, so there is one downside to eating at YUSSI’S… After three or four days you’ll be hungry again.

So come in for the sushi, stay for the deli, relax with the grill, and leave with the Shabbos takeout. Because not only is our food better, but someone like you deserves no less!!!